Podere Terreno

An itinerary among Chianti towns is a journey through taste and history

According to a historical document from the 1400s, Podere Terreno was an ancient farm whose agricultural vocation was already known. Wine and olive oil were produced and animals bred in the courtyard as evidenced by the facilities that lasted to this day.

The events of Podere Terreno and the families who owned it over the years have always been closely linked to the development of wine industry and the true history of the origin of Chianti Classico.

It was in fact one of the first estate that began to consolidate when even in Chianti there was a new land organization based on sharecropping and therefore on the relationships between small and large agricultural enterprises. The original character of the landscape surrounding Podere Terreno began to take shape from the Middle Age and is among the few territories that maintained its territorial identity unchanged over the centuries.



Podere Terreno

In the past

Even in the past Podere Terreno was known for the quality of its wines. In fact in the ancient map of 1600 not only the names of the various crops were indicated, but also their qualitative attitudes as reported by some names assigned to the parcels, for example “beautiful vineyard”. This is also confirmed later, in 1800 by the historian geographer Emanuele Repetti, where he reports that in the Volpaia area “there are grape-grown hills planted with vines”


In more recent times, in addition to the production of wine and oil, Podere Terreno was also known for its extraordinary beauty. Old records from 1965-70 confirm that it was a very popular tourist destination for stays surrounded by nature. Especially for its iconic Tuscan landscape, Podere Terreno has been the location for important movies and photographic sets such as the 1984 Pirelli calendar (censored at that time) and published only in 2014, signed by Helmuth Newton who chose Podere Terreno for the beauty of the landscape.


The Grilli family fell in love with this farmhouse nestled in the Volpaia ridge, in Radda in Chianti and decided to start a project of rebirth for Podere Terreno without abandoning the tradition. From the renovation of the farmhouse and the vineyards to the modernization of the cellar, Podere Terreno is an estate where the link with the territory lies at the center. The native grape variety at Podere Terreno and Radda in Chianti is Sangiovese: Giovanni Puccini, a professional agronomist, takes care of the vineyard management and of the cellar for the production of Chianti Classico and Cristina Grilli takes care of the hospitality of the holiday farmhouse.